Making renewable energy production as valuable for you as it is for the environment!

You can generate extra money from your home solar panels by changing how you use your electricity, without losing your existing subsidies.

Imagine making extra money from your home solar panels, without losing your existing subsidies by changing when and how you use electricity.

People like you, who have home solar panels or who are looking to get them, are helping bring about a world based on green energy. You are helping lead the way as governments, companies and people are increasingly recognising the importance of renewable energy and setting harder targets for increasing renewable sources and reducing carbon footprints.

But it isn’t easy. Home solar has an initial cost to overcome and continually decreasing subsidies mean the time to cover that cost can be measured in years, if not decades.


We will help reduce the time it takes to get your return on investment back..

The brand new Rowan Rewards system is ideal if you are either an existing home solar user, or if you are looking to get a new solar installation.

How it works

A Rowan Smartminer is a Smartmeter and Crypto miner in one. It’s a low powered device that’s fitted by a Rowan engineer and sits under your solar installation.

The Rowan SmartMiner and Rewards package starts at £1348, including VAT and installation. But for the first 100 SmartMiners, we offer an introductory price of £1249.

• The Rowan SmartMiner
• All fittings and fixtures
• Installtion of the SmartMiner
• 2 years full hardware warranty
• 10 years Remote and software support

This is different from property to property.  But the device is simple and easy for our fully trained engineer to fit.

You can still become a Rowan Energy customer.  If you have a solar install between 5kw and 50kw please give us a call (+44 8450531962) and we can give you a quote for the SmartMiner and signup fee. The cost of the SmartMiner increases a small based on your generation potenbtial. The Rowan Blockchain has taken the competition element out of cyrpto mining. As you have a larger than standard installtion there is a slightly higher blockchain fee to pay,  Plus if you have more than one inverter then you will need to have a SmartMiner per inverter. 

Yes! The Smartminer has a two year hardware warranty and a ten year software and remote support.

This is different from property to property. But ideally the miner is installed near the main switchboard.  In some cases a double plug-socket would need to be fitted too.

Yes as long as your battery is an AC-AC battery and isn’t a hybred battery you can own a Rowan SmartMiner. This means all the energy that comes through your solar inverter is generated by your roof. Plus if you have an AC battery you can earn 10p per kWh for every drop of energy you produce.

If you have more than one inverter you will need to have more than once SmartMiner installed at the property. Please book a call with our team using the button below and we will be happy to give you a quote for a complete solution.

You will receive 10p worth of Rowan Rewards  for generating 1 kwh of energy  that you use in the home and do not feed into the grid.  This is paid at the point of generation  and can be taken as cash via PayPal or exchanged as Rowan Coin.

This depends on your solar installation but based on UK solar generation figures certified by MCS a 5kW solar installation produces on average 4759 kWh per year making the return on investment less that 3 years.

There are several options avialable on your Rowan Dashboard.  You can cash out your Rowan Rewards to Paypal. You can exchange them for Rowan Coin and transfer them to a Rowan wallet app on your mobile or send them to an exchange.


The Rowan rewards system is incredibly easy to use. Once you have the miner installed you can log into our app (Android, iOS, or through the website) where you will see all the info you need, as well as options to cash out your reward points. Once the engineer has been you never need to change or reset the hardware, and the Rowan platform monitors the system to ensure if it stops working we contact you to arrange an engineer to visit and fix it ASAP.

When you sign up to Rowan Rewards we give you access to a simple, easy-to-use control panel you can access from your computer or mobile phone. This shows you the important information such as how much power you have produced, how much you’ve used and how much carbon you have saved plus how many Rowan Rewards you have, and how much you can cash out and spend. You can also exchnage your rewards to Rowan Coin directly through the app at any point, send them to iyour PayPal account or send your tokens to a Rowan wallet or an exchange.

Rowan Energy, the company behind the Rowan Rewards system, have several partnerships in place with existing solar suppliers, including Ecocute who are happy to talk to you about a complete package of a solar install together with the Rowan Rewards solution.

Rowan Energy was founded by David Duckworth after many years of experience in the energy industry. He saw the flaws of the current system, of established monopoly players, and the failings of them to support home renewable energy. In his words, “Am I the only one who thinks selling your energy to the grid for 5p per KwH and then buying back in the evening for 30p is just bonkers?”
He realised that new technology allowed a change to the ecosystem, to fairly reward people who generated power from renewable sources and encourage more people to do so.

As a SmartMiner client you are validating transactions on our chain meaning we can reward you for doing this. Rowan also takes your generation data and mints Carbon offset certificates that can be used to offset the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals.

SmartMiner can be transferred to the new home owner (Fees apply). You can also take it with you but they would have to get a certified partner to reinstall it physically. Which would come with an installation cost  charged by the installation company.

Rowan Energy have built a new kind of blockchain that is very low-carbon.  Rather than burning lots of energy to mine the cryptocurrency,  you get to validate transactions on our chain by generating renewable energy.

Who can benefit?

The Rowan Rewards platform has been built to encourage the adoption of rooftop solar helping the UK reach its net-zero carbon targets by 2030.

Owners of existing home solar panels
Home owners looking to install solar panels
Solar fitters and solar repair providers

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One of our installation partners will call you and arrange for your new SmartMiner to be fitted.

Rowan Energy has designed a new kind of energy product that rewards you for generating renewable energy. You can still use that electricity to power your home, store it in a battery for later use, or sell it back to the grid exactly as you currently do.

The difference is now you start earning Rowan Reward points as well.

For every 1kWh of energy you produce, you will earn 10p worth of Rowan Rewards. You can cash out your rewards and spend them as you like or save them for future growth in our Rowan Coin cryptocurrency.

A home solar setup can take upwards of 25 years to pay for itself currently, but with Rowan Rewards you can bring this time down to less than 5.