Making renewable energy production as valuable for you
as it is for the environment!

You can generate extra money from your home solar panels

without losing your existing subsidies. 

Imagine making extra money from your home solar panels without losing your existing subsidies.

People like you, who have home solar panels or are looking to get them, are helping bring about a world based on green energy. You are helping lead the way as governments, companies and people increasingly recognise the importance of renewable energy and set more challenging targets for increasing renewable sources and reducing carbon footprints.

But it isn’t easy. Home solar has an initial cost to overcome, and continually decreasing subsidies means the time to cover that cost can be measured in years, if not decades.


We will help reduce the payback time on your solar investment - Guaranteed!

The brand new Rowan Rewards system is ideal if you are either an existing home solar user or looking to get a new solar installation.

How it works

A Rowan SmartMiner is a Smartmeter and Crypto miner in one. It’s a low-powered device that a Rowan engineer fits and sits under your solar installation.

Yes! The SmartMiner has a three-year hardware warranty and ten-year software support with remote support.

The better you manage your energy, the more you can earn.  With Rowan Energy you can earn 10p for every kWh you generate. The rewards are paid at the time of generation and can be taken as cash via PayPal or exchanged as Rowan Coin.

This depends on your solar installation but based on UK solar generation figures certified by MCS, a 5kW solar installation generates on average 4759 kWh per year, possibly making the payback period less than three years.

There are several options available on your Rowan Dashboard. You can cash out your Rowan Rewards to Paypal. You can exchange them for Rowan Coin and transfer them to a Rowan wallet app on your mobile or send them to an exchange.

Yes! The Rowan rewards system is straightforward to use. Once you have the miner installed, you can log into your dashboard (Android, iOS, or through the website), where you will see all the info you need and options to cash out your reward points.

As a SmartMiner client you are validating transactions on our chain meaning we can reward you for doing this.

Rowan also takes your generation data and mints Carbon offset certificates that can be used to offset the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals.

Who can benefit?

The Rowan Rewards platform has been built to encourage the adoption of rooftop solar, helping the UK reach its net-zero carbon targets by 2030.

Owners of existing home solar panels
Home owners looking to install solar panels
Solar fitters and solar repair providers

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